Learn How to Throw a Long Tail Over Knitting Stitches
Learn how to knit stitches for beginners in 3 easy steps. In my close-up photo and video tutorial, you’ll see how to put on long ponytails. As such, most beginners prefer to put the yarn over a knitting needle to get ready for knitting. You will love my simple... Read more
Learn How to tie a slip knot
Learn to tie a slip knot in just 5 easy steps. My written instructions include both photo and video tutorials to show you how to accurately tie a rope, cord, or thread into a simple slip knot.   WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL TO TIE THE KNOT OF SLIDING  ... Read more
How to Knit a Rabbit From a Square
  Knit a square rabbit from my simple crochet pattern! From one knitted square you will enjoy making stuffed rabbit soft. These little sweets quickly knit beginner’s favorite gifts and one of my most popular designs. After you knit a square pattern into a simple garter stitch, you can... Read more
Icelandic Binding From – Step by Step
There is not much information on how the Icelandic bond got its name. Was it invented in Iceland? Or is this the type of binding used by Icelandic knitters most often? I dont know.   But one thing is clear: this binding is beautiful. It looks like an inverted... Read more
How To Knit Beads in Any Project
Learn how to knit beads into any project. This knitting technique is perfect for almost any knitting pattern. With a crochet hook you can easily and quickly add beads to your work. It looks great in many knitting projects. Which knitting project do you plan to take to the... Read more